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August 17th, 2009 in Monday's Maven

Monday’s Maven



Full Name: Liz Stanley

blog: Say Yes to Hoboken

Kids: Baby Hank, 20 months

Location: San Francisco, CA

What makes you smile? A hard hike to a secret beautiful spot.

What is one of your dreams you hope to accomplish soon? I just moved to San Francisco, so one of my goals is to really get to know this new-to-me city.

What gives you anxiety as a mother? Feeling inadequate and unprepared.

How do you deal with it? Learning. Try to learn as much as I can from more experienced moms, friends, family.

What is your guilty pleasure? Trashy TV like The Hills and Gossip Girl.

What do you love most about you? The combination of traits I inherited from my parents: the focus/precision from my father and the fun loving-ness from my mother.

Favorite place? My favorite hobby is thrift store shopping. It was something I grew up
doing with my thrifty mother and sisters. That’s why finding items for my baby hank vintage Etsy shop is so much fun!

Who is your hero? I don’t know if I could name one, but my deceased grandmother comes to mind. Her strength and warmth still inspire me on a regular basis.

Your advice to other moms: For newer moms, take lots of videos. I don’t even remember what my son was like at 3 or 6 months and I wish I had more video of our interactions and his every little smirk. Time flies by.

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