Monday’s Maven

May 10th, 2010 in Monday's Maven

Monday’s Maven

Full Name: Nicole Marie {Niki}


Location: Good ol’ Mesa town {AZ}.

kids: Evelyn Nicole {Evie}. 6 mos.

One Word that Describes You: Well-rounded. Does that count as one word?

What makes you smile? Joking with my husband. Giggling with my baby. Sleeping in-the three of us snuggled in bed. Dancing with my nieces and nephews. Reminiscing with my sisters. Shopping with my mom. Garage selling with aunts and cousins. Chatting with my friends over lunch. Hearing an old favorite on the radio. Singing at the top of my lungs to said favorite. Finding a good deal. Wearing a cute outfit. Catching a whiff of my own perfume. Finishing a project. Discovering a delicious recipe (and successfully making it). Thrifting! Making new friends(especially blog friends). Soaking in the beauty around me. Learning something new. Watching my daughter learn something new. Eating!

What is one of your dreams you hope to accomplish soon? Since I have already married the man of my dreams and started a family with him, I hope to add many more children to that family. I dream of living in a quaint home with lots of land where the kids can play freely. We’ll have a miniature cow(for milk-I heard miniature cows are a third the size but produce just as much milk), a goat(for cheese.), a sheep(you know those big fluffy ones with the curly horns-i want one just for fun), a few chickens(for eggs) and a huge garden(for obvious reasons). We’ll be fairly self sufficient, while still enjoying the luxuries of the city and I’ll get to spend all of my time with the people I love most… This is something I day dream about often, but I definitely think it will be a reality in the next few years.

One of Your favorite motherhood moments? Well as any mother knows, there are too many to have just one favorite, but I recently had an experience that stands out. I even wrote a letter to my daughter so I would never forget and so she could know how special it was for me. You can read it here.

What is your guilty pleasure? Watching Project Runway or ANTM while eating salt & vinegar chips and mini m&ms when I should be folding laundry.

What do you love most about you? In recent years I have finally learned how to really go after the things I want. I don’t sit around and wish I were more like this or wish I could do that. I don’t wait for things to hopefully happen on their own anymore, I make them happen. It has taken me many years, but I have finally learned that I am capable of pretty much anything. And it’s liberating. And I love knowing that about myself.

Favorite Food? Our favorite food around here is pizza. We love to try new pizzerias, but we especially love the homemade pizza we make in our very own wood fire pizza oven that My Babe built in our backyard. He came up with a signature dough and red sauce and I am now on a mission to perfect a white sauce. I recently created a delicious dessert pizza that consisted of sweetened cream cheese, home canned peaches and cinnamon sugar. Can you say delectable?

Who is your hero? My daughter. She has changed the way I view life and my life has never been greater than it is now.

Your advice to other moms to create a lovely lifestyle for themselves & their families? Life’s greatest moments are the simple ones. They add up. So enjoy each and every one of them. Look for the beauty in everything, especially the small things. Everyone remembers a few big events that happen occasionally, but the little events are happening daily, and those are the ones that make up our lives. We all have lovely moments. The key to creating a lovely lifestyle is seeing it that way.

Such an adorable family! Her blog is wonderful too, be sure to stop by and say hello. Thanks for letting me have you as a Maven Niki.


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