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March 22nd, 2010 in Monday's Maven

Monday’s Maven

Full Name & blog:: marta of and

Location: Idaho

kids: one little boy, 18 months

One Word that Describes You: introspective

What makes you smile? sunshine. family. good music. a clean mirror. a new haircut. a clever blog post. babies.

What is one of your dreams you hope to accomplish soon? learn how to bake the perfect pizza. am practicing weekly (much to my husband’s delight).

One of Your favorite motherhood moments? too many to mention really. i think the overall love of motherhood came to me so unexpectedly. i thought it might be a chore to be a mom, an every day sluggish trial of patience. it has not been that way at all. i absolutely love motherhood. getting to know my son and watching him explore new things is a miracle. i love seeing the newness of the world through his eyes and watching what our family has become.

What is your guilty pleasure? peanut butter and chocolate ice cream. buying gifts. taking bubble baths. the dollar aisle at target. pretty scrapbook paper. glossy magazines. dreaming of my dream house. sitting in the sun.

What do you love most about you? hmm. this is a good question. let me make sure i read that right. i love that i am easily content, i suppose. it takes very little for me to be excited and thrilled and happy. of course, i have my moments.. but i try to see the best in every situation.

Favorite place? my favorite place to go is overseas. there is nothing quite like packing your bags for an adventure where you are out of your comfort zone and don’t speak the language. it tells you so much about how big the world is, how great new cultures are, how interesting, kind-hearted and dynamic the human race is. it can tell you a lot about yourself too. traveling abroad is something i hope i can do throughout my whole life.

Who is your hero? my mom and dad. i could go on and on about how incredible they are. after becoming a mom myself, i have a whole new respect for them, their decisions, their optimism, their love for each other and the way they raised my siblings and me. it takes a heart of gold to be a good parent.

Your advice to moms that want to follow their passion WHILE being a mother: i would tell mamas (and women in general) to find a way to carve out time to do something that really matters. whether it’s perfecting a pizza recipe or learning to ice skate, just do what you love. if you’re honest with a spouse, or other support system, you can schedule ways to do what you are passionate about. find a balance. you may have to give up other things in order to fit the most important things in. you may find yourself currently too busy being a mom and have to put plans aside for a few months.. but work at it, little by little. fit in small events to do what you love. do not go after it just to “make money,” that will not ensure happiness, just do what feels right. make worthwhile goals and figure out what drives you (sewing, running, baking, painting, reading..) it’s so important to live honestly and be true to who you are. find methods to embrace, cultivate and share your talents.

Marta is actually a blogger I JUST started following and I wanted to get to know her more which is why I asked her to be a Monday Maven. She clearly is a Maven because:

a. according to her shirt she loves cupcakes

b. she is amazingly talented and beautiful

c. she wrote this post which is one of my favorites in all of blog land

d. I asked her that last question because she does it so well, she is a very inspiring lady

Thanks for being a Monday Maven and helping me to get to know you better Marta!



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