Monday’s Maven

March 15th, 2010 in Monday's Maven

Monday’s Maven

Today is the BIRTHDAY of this Monday’s Maven, her FOURTH birthday to be exact.

I am absolutely in love with today’s Monday’s Maven.

Today’s Monday’s Maven is growing up too fast.

Full Name:

Abby Rae Brown



Usually curled up in someone’s arm or busy busy busy having a blast.

One Word that Describes her:

You can’t use one word to describe her.  Here are just a few…







An Artist

A Writer


A Dreamer

Daddy’s Girl



A Peformer

A Daughter of God

What makes her smile?

Getting to stay up late, Daddy coming home, jumping into Mommy’s arms when she wakes up and when people come to visit her.


When I look in her eyes I can see glimpses of the woman she will be.

She will decide what she grows to become, but one thing I do know when I look into those eyes is that…

It will be amazing.

She is my daughter.

What is Her guilty pleasure?

Cupcake Shoppes, Charlie & Lola, Ramona, Ivy & Bean Books, Polly Pockets, Being an “Artist” and destroying her room on a daily basis.

What does she love most about herself?

She IS proud of herself, but in a very RIGHT way. She knows she is smart, beautiful, friendly and that we all love her to pieces.

Favorite food, holiday, place?

Her favorite food is “CousCous,” her favorite holiday is her birthday and her favorite place is the beach…or being with her Dad. Oh, now she would just flip if it was the beach AND her Dad.

Who is her hero?

The three missionaries we have in the family right now, Laura, Bryan and Darren. She is very proud of them, understands why they are gone and has to tell her mother not to cry because they are busy “teaching people about Jesus.”

Words From Her Mother:

She makes me want to live.  She makes me want to live brighter and fuller to keep up with her.

And to be able to say those words…that this little lady is MY daughter makes me quite proud.

Boy do I love her.

I love her, I love her, I do.

Happy Birthday, Baby.


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