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March 8th, 2010 in Monday's Maven

Monday’s Maven

Full Name: Sarah Haley Nitta


The All American Mom

Location: Happy Valley, Utah

kids: Tadj (rhymes with badge)-age 13, Haley-age 11, Keegan-age 8, Emi-age 5

One Word that Describes You: Connector

What makes you smile? Spring.  I depend on the hope that Spring brings to my life.  The bright sun is like elixir to my white, pasty, soul.  The tiny green leaves and little flower heads remind me that I can reset my attitude and my goals.

What is one of your dreams you hope to accomplish soon? I honestly don’t think I have any. :/  Isn’t that sad?!?  Don’t get me wrong, I have dreams, just not ones that will be accomplished anytime soon.  I should probably get some, eh?  Hmmm….this might explain a few things.

One of Your favorite motherhood moments? A few weeks ago, my 13 year old son was having a really hard day.  I recognized that “I hate the world” attitude that so often accompanies adolescents.  As he begrudgingly washed the dishes, his anger burst through his stretching soul.  “Mom!  Why does the world have to be this way?” he shouted.  “My generation is going to have to pay for your stupidity!”  I asked him to sit with me in the family room.  For the next hour we talked about the world, the issues, and the solutions history has provided us.  As we ended our “strategy session”, he expressed with sincerity, “Mom, I know it is my destiny to help change the world”.  Swelling with pride, I told him frankly that I believed him and that I had every confidence that he would.

What is your guilty pleasure? Tabloids.  I love to read non-fiction.  When I have consumed enough food-for-thought, I turn to the tabloids.  The pictures are pretty, the articles are short, and I don’t have to use one brain cell to enjoy them.

What do you love most about you? I’m not afraid to ask questions.

Favorite holiday? The Fourth of July.  It encompasses everything I love: Summertime, BBQ, friends, family, parades, American history, independence, and at the end of the day–a little bit of bling.

Who is your hero? Right now, my heroes are women who aren’t afraid to be leaders in their community.  Whether that woman is serving on the PTA, the Parks and Recreation Board, the City Council, or in the State Legislature.  To lead in your community, it takes courage, strength, endurance, and balance.

Your advice to moms that want to become more involved in their community’s government? and to stay informed? Everyone has an interest in government and politics, most people just don’t recognize it.  Are you concerned about your children’s education?  Guess what?  That is politics.  Worried about quality health-care for your aging parents?  Again, that is politics.  Most moms I talk to say the number one reason they don’t get involved is that it is too overwhelming.  You are right.  If you try to change the world all in one day, you will never accomplish anything.  Choose one issue you are particularly interested in and find out everything you can about it. My greatest advice is to find a mentor.  Everyone knows at least one person that is “into politics”.  It may be your intimidating relative that lived in DC for 15 years. It could be the little old lady down the street that has the gigantic flag pole in her yard.   If you approach them with honest questions, I guarantee they would love to give you their answers.

When I had pre-schoolers at home, I would keep up on current events by watching the news and reading the newspaper.  Was it hard at first? Yes. There were many issues and stories I had no background in.  I kept pressing forward, asking questions to whomever would listen and eventually the connections started firing.  Was it worth it? Yes! There is a certain confidence you possess when you know what is going on in the world, despite the fact that you may never travel further than the local grocery store.  I also involved myself in community groups that would support the stage of life I was in.  Now that my children are older, I have different choices in the way I stay active in my community.  I am that much further ahead in the process because of the time I spent while my kids were at home full-time.

Am I still reading the newspaper?  NO!  Social media has opened up a whole new world for me.  Between Facebook, Twitter, and all my favorite blogs, I have plenty of information to keep me satisfied.  Politicians are using social media to reach out to their constituents and discuss the issues like never before.  Find out who your local representatives are and add them to your lists.  You will quickly find out what is most important to the people representing you and how your neighbors feel about it.

I believe that no one can be happy unless they are doing what they are truly supposed to be doing.  If you are a mom that has any desire to be informed and/or to get involved, I urge you to pursue it.  Our country needs the leadership skills that women possess.  Mothers have amazing interpersonal skills, the sensitivity to see the individual in complex situations, and the emotional intelligence to influence others.  Have courage to make a difference in the world your children and grandchildren will live in.  Always remember, “The Hand That Rocks the Cradle, Rules the World”.

Thank you Sarah! I selfishly asked that last set of questions because I know I need to become more involved but have been absolutely lost on how to go about doing that. Thank you for taking the time to be a Monday Maven and help us learn how to stay involved in our community!


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