Monday’s Maven

January 18th, 2010 in Monday's Maven

Monday’s Maven

Full Name: Meg


The Wild and Wily Ways of a Brunette Bombshell

Location: a little neighborhood in the big, bad apple

One Word that Describes You: a dreamer

What makes you smile? the love of my family and friends, a good book, unexpected kindness, and anything with a sense of humor–i live in constant pursuit of laughter.

What is one of your dreams you hope to accomplish soon? i hope to find a job that both fulfills some deeper sensibility and pays the bills. is it possible? ideally, someone, somewhere (and soon) will pay me to write. and from there i’ll travel as much as possible logging it all in photos and words.

One of Your favorite moments with your mother? my mother came to new york my last year of college when i was going through a difficult time. we slept in the same bed, picnicked everyday in central park, took in a grace kelley exhibit at sotheby’s. my mother is not a huge fan of the city so her willingness to brave the city for more than a day was selfless in a way that only a mother can be. never have i felt safer or more loved than i did that week.

What is your guilty pleasure? euf. too many things to count. so i’ll keep it short. soda water, twizzlers, and the office on netflix. (i think david wallace is super attractive).

What do you love most about you?

my ability to feel deeply.

Favorite Holiday? my favorite holiday is always a trip to Utah to ski. (preferably alta or park city). one thing i dream of is a husband who will be able to keep up on the slopes.

Who is your hero? i think my heroes right now, more than anyone, are my parents who worked all their lives to give me every opportunity in the world, and now have the courage and the patience to stand back as i grasp at each and every tool they’ve given me in search of the one that gives my life meaning.

Your advice to other 20 Something Women: i’m quite sure i’m not the person to be giving advice. but i will say that while i was home over the holidays i picked up one of my father’s old copies of money magazine with the quote, “You’re young. You can fail two or three times, even lose all your money two or three times, and you’ll be just fine.” My college experience ended badly and in the wake of that I thought my life was over. I thought I had taken one bad turn too many and there was no going back. And yes I twenty-two when I had these thoughts. It’s okay to not be on a prescribed path with a definitive goal. And it’s okay to realize that desires and goals change. you have to shift to accommodate happiness–it’s a moving thing. it’s okay to wake up in a state of wonder at who you are–who you’re becoming. you get to fail. a lot. and that’s not a bad thing. it’s just the beginning.

Meg told me she was a bit surprised (in a good way of course) that I contacted her to be a “Monday Maven” so I wanted to tell her why here: While stumbling across your blog I clicked to read your About Me first. Your honestly, love for life and beautiful way with words had me hooked. I look up to you a lot, such a beautiful woman, isn’t she? -Vanessa


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