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November 23rd, 2009 in Monday's Maven

Monday’s Maven


Full Name: Amanda


Kids: I have 2 kids: Lydia, my princess-y princess who will be 4 in January and Asa, my funny pirate who just turned 1!

Location: I live in Atlanta, baby!

One Word that Describes You:

Purple. (Is that weird to name a color? Hmm…Positive? Perky? Pleasant? I don’t know. Something with a “P” apparently…)

What makes you smile? Watching my kids grow. Libraries. Disney World. My husband’s truck in the driveway. My little brother. Crunching fall leaves. The sunset out my kitchen window. My best friends, my “sisterchicks”. So You Think You Can Dance. Tiny flowers. Peanut butter M&M’s. My church. A good hair day.

What is one of your dreams you hope to accomplish soon?
Well, I just had one of my dreams fulfilled this week: I’m a Disney Mom! I was picked out of 20,000 applicants to join the Disney Mom’s Panel where I will be answering vacation questions on Walt Disney World’s website! Not to mention, I’m going to Disney World in December for FOUR days for training! This is a dream come true for me!!

One of Your favorite motherhood moments?

The interesting thing about motherhood is how my love grows. I felt like my heart was ripped open (in a good way!) when my daughter was born. Now 3 years later, I love her more than I ever have. So for me, every moment is sweeter than the last. I don’t mourn the loss of their childhood (well, not too much!) because as they grow, my love for them does, too! I look forward to each new day and year with them! (WOW. That sounded like a greeting card! Sorry!)

What is your guilty pleasure?

Buying an entire bag of Pepperidge Farm Mint Chocolate Brussels and eating the whole bag by myself.

What do you love most about you? I’m a glass-half full kinda girl. I like to make every occasion special. I want to make every moment count. I’m always looking for the positive!

Favorite food? My favorite FOOD is my dad’s eggs benedict. He usually makes it for us on Christmas Day and it might be the most heavenly meal on earth.

Who is your hero? The man who says, “Ladies and Gentlemen! The President of the United States of America!” every time the President walks into a room. I don’t know why but I get tears in my eyes when I hear him! OK, so hero might be a strong word. But he’s a picture of what I admire–I am always impressed and in awe of people who live as servants. Those who live in a hut to take care of kids infected with HIV, women who raise a family while their husbands are at war, men who shed their suit coats, roll up their sleeves and serve meals to homeless, people who start organizations to save children from poverty, women who are kindergarten teachers and those that purposely give their time, their resources and their life for others. They are my heroes. My real goal? To be a servant of all.

Your advice to other moms: Love. Model. Enjoy. Do your best, let God do the rest.


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