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November 16th, 2009 in Monday's Maven

Monday’s Maven


Full Name: Megan Faulkner Brown


THE Sweet Tooth Fairy

Kids: Jack 3, Bailey 19 months,  Madelyn 1 month

Location: Utah

One Word that Describes You:

I had to ask my husband for help on this one.  He concluded the best “word” that describes me is the same “word” on my personalized license….”heehee” .  I try not to take myself too seriously and really appreciate what if feels like to smile and laugh my way through life.

What makes you smile? so many things…. my husband/kids, memories, laughter, sunshine– just to name a few.

What is one of your dreams you hope to accomplish soon? One of my dreams is to see The Sweet Tooth Fairy become a household name across the country.

One of Your favorite motherhood moments?

Oh wow, there have been so many favorites for so many different reasons.  Here is a favorite funny moment— Recently, my 3 year old was said the “d” word out of frustration and when I asked him where he learned that word, he said “that’s what daddy says when he is in the garage.” :)

What is your guilty pleasure?

Dog the Bounty Hunter—for whatever reason, I LOVE that show and want to be friends with all of them! Heehee My other guilty pleasure would be our Cake Bites…the Double Fudge ones and Pumpkin ones are my favorite!

What do you love most about you? I love that I had a mom and dad who were always thoughtful of and loving to one another, and that consequently, I’ve learned that being kind is the only way to be.

Favorite Holiday? Christmas is truly magical for me and always has been. From the holiday music to cozy weather to family gatherings to the spirit of giving to the twinkle in childrens’ eye in anticipation of Santa, there is a transcendent feeling/energy during Christmas that I wish lasted throughout the entire year.

Who is your hero? My late father, Jim “Skeeter” Faulkner. He was an amazing man with an indescribable love of and passion for life and people.

Your advice to other moms: There is no limit to the power and influence for good you can be.

I didn’t think it was possible for me to love The Sweet Tooth Fairy anymore than I do but after featuring Megan I do! Haven’t been to her shoppe yet? Well whats wrong?! Don’t live in Utah? PLAN A TRIP. Megan is a beautiful wonderful Utah business woman and mother, don’t you agree? Thanks Megan!


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