Monday’s Everyday Beauty

November 2nd, 2009 in Beauty in Everyday


Monday is a cereal morning type of day. It was a long weekend, so a quick bowl of cereal is the perfect breakfast. My girls love picking a bowl.  It is an exciting part of their morning and it is a big deal to them.

I try not to ever say, “Really What’s the Big Deal?” to my girls.

Because I’m lucky enough to remember that when you are that age, when you are that little, when you are not in control of anything else, that something as little as picking out a cereal bowl is in fact a very very big deal.

For you, your mornings might be too hectic to stop and let your kids pick out their desired colored cereal bowl.  Instead it might be letting them stand in front of the bookcase every night to pick out whatever book their little heart desires to read. It might be that on Monday nights they are in charge of picking out the TV show the family watches. It might even be that every week is a different turn for one of your kids to pick the Friday after-school snack (don’t you know that one is a big deal?).

I feel lucky to have very vivid memories of being a little girl and remembering how the little things did mean the world to me.  I can feel and remember my emotions oh-so-very clearly of what it was like to be controlled in every which way (because I was little, of course, and that’s how it goes).   Then to suddenly, like a beam of light, be given a chance TO PICK! TO BE IN CHARGE!

Why yes, it IS a very big deal.

And so that is why I stand in front of the cupboard Monday mornings waiting patiently as my girls go from one color to the next, and watching them break out into a huge grin when they have made a final decision.

Because, after all, picking your favorite colored bowl for your cereal is, in fact, a very very big deal.

Where do YOU find beauty on Mondays?


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