Monday: Weekly Family Activity—Road Trips


Road trips can be downright painful. At the beginning of all our trips the little girl you see pictured below throws herself into such a frenzy it knocks her out and she falls asleep for a few minutes. When she awakens she’s totally over what was bothering her before she conked out!


A few awesome bloggers have posted some great tips in the past about traveling with kids.

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My two cents: Drive during nap or bedtime and teach them to “make-do.” Hopefully that doesn’t sound harsh but I know with my kids when they are constantly being offered a different activity or have my attention the whole drive they tend to act out MORE. When I just talk about what I see outside or let them read books from the small bag I always have in the back, they are more calm. Most importantly they really do learn that when we go on long road trips it is a peaceful time when they can take a nap, look at the pretty things outside or listen to music. We also try to give EVERYONE in the car a break by driving during nap or bedtime. Every child is different though, and I guess I am very lucky they both sleep in the car!

Do you have any road trips planned this year? What are your tips for driving with kids?

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