Monday: Weekly Family Activity—Outside Summer Fun

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If you live near some sand anything from a beach, man made beach bar at a lake, sandbox at a park or a sandbox in your backyard you can join in this activity!

 Sand Animals

Well OK not that but here is how to sculpt some simple ones to have fun as a family outside.

Have kids dig a hole near the water. Then scoop wet sand into a high pile, patting it to make it compact. Pile sand into pails to make simple animals or sculpt mound into a….

Ladybug (oval body, round head, stick antennae)

Octopus (round body, eight tentacles)

Snake (curved body, seaweed tongue)

Starfish (five arms in a star shape)

Turtle (oval shell, round head, triangle tail)

And then you can…

Host the Olympics

Synchronized Sprinkler-One kid runs through, doing a move, others mimic

Leapin’ Long Jump-Jump as far as a flea (one foot), cricket (two feet), grasshopper (three feet), rabbit (four feet).

Plus these self -explanatory events….

Freestyle swing set, paper towel tube relay, wet sponge shot put, action figure mud wrestling, kid lifting (for moms and dads), side walk chalk line balance bean, air fencing, and for a tie breaker?—stinkiest sneakers

(some of these ideas are from

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