Monday: Weekly Family Activity—Nature and Teaching Our Children the Different Sources of Food

I am currently in the midst of reading Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv.

In the first chapter it talks about children’s relationship with animals and food. He talks about the importance of raising your own food and teaching your children where their food comes from to help them become connected to the source of their food.

We eat different types of white fish at least twice a week and so I have been planning on starting fishing with my daughters for a few weeks. We went to one of the pros, my Dad to help us with our first fishing excursion.

It was just nice to be outside in the fresh air, playing with the rocks, dirt, sand, grass, listening to the water. My daughter sat on the rocks with her Grandpa for a long time looking so relaxed.

Hopefully this was a educational stepping stone of helping teach her the relationship between our food and animals.

What a great family activity this would be! Invite a family member or even an older neighbor that once did or still does enjoy fishing to bring along to help show you how to do it right :)

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