Monday: Weekly Family Activity—Love Game

My Grandpa gave me such a great idea for a Family Activity the other day. It will be perfect for the weather, which is going to be cold and rainy (spring please come!). We have had such a busy week that it will be nice just to do a relaxing activity, that does not take to much planning.

His idea was to take an old-fashioned soda bottle and glue a red heart on it. Then have the whole family sit in a circle and take turns spinning it. The two people that the bottle is pointing at, they say something they love about each-other.

We did something like this as a family for our weekly activity on weeks that we weren’t getting along to well. My parents would have us take a piece of paper and write 3 things we loved about every person in the family. It always made us feel closer as a family. I do think turning it into a game might make it less awkward (maybe for the older kids) and it probably would keep the younger children’s attention better also.

We are going to go make heart shaped chocolate chip cookies to go along with our family activity tonight, I am having a really hard time finding a chocolate chip cookie recipe that I just LOVE, if you have any pass them along my way!

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