Monday: Weekly Family Activity—Five Senses Fun

January 12th, 2009 in Monday: Weekly Family Activity

Five Senses Competition

Have a tally card for each member of the family to keep score during this competition! The family member with the highest points wins! If you were at my house the prize would be the winner gets to pick what is for dessert that night :)

Touch: Blind fold each player and have them touch different substances in bowls that are covered with cloth (that way the other players cannot see!), you can put anything from flour to lunch meat!

Hearing: Blind fold each player and have them try to identify different common noises. You can have these prerecorded or do them as you go. You can do anything from crumpled newspaper to a baby blowing raspberries.

Sight: Have a tray full of different items, let everyone look at them for 30 seconds, take the tray away and have them write down as many as they can remember.

Smelling: Blind fold each player and have them sniff different bottles full of substances. You could fill the bottles with vinegar, lemonade or chocolate milk!

Taste: Blind fold each player and have them taste a wide range of foods. Don’t get too Fear Factor with your family during this one :)

Quick Version of this Game: Name an object that you see while driving, for example, a tree, a cow, a tire, etc. Have your child describe it using the 5 senses: what does the object look like, does it make a sound, what would it taste like, etc. Perfect quick game to play during a long car ride or when stuck in line at the store.

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