Monday: Weekly Family Activity—Election Activities

October 6th, 2008 in Monday: Weekly Family Activity

The giveaway is a couple of posts down.


Did all the Moms and Dads register to vote? I hope so!

How about doing an election activity as a family that is not so confusing and frustrating as the actual election!


What to eat for dinner? Have a couple of your children pick their favorite dinner menu. Then have them debate, of the pros of their choice and try to recruit different members of the family for their vote!

You could vote on so many fun issues to get ready for the election season. What to do for a family activity is something we would brainstorm, vote and debate on every week growing up. My Dad was pretty good about persuading lots of us to vote for his choice—fishing although as the three of us girls got older going to the mall starting winning every week :)

Hold an election and vote! Check back this week for more election activities to do with your children, some that actually will teach your kids about the candidates and election process.

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