Monday: Weekly Family Activity—Country of the Month~Spain~

April 27th, 2009 in Monday: Weekly Family Activity

My husband wishes he were a Spaniard and would love to live there for half the year…every year. He lived in Spain for two years and talks about it on a weekly basis, which made it easy for us to have a night of Spanish fun with the girls.


We love to cook in my home and learn about new countries. We always make a special meal of the country’s best dishes.

Spanish Tortilla: This simple and inexpensive dish is a go-to meal when I am tired and don’t have too much energy to cook. Jose in Spain (our favorite cooking show on PBS) explains it perfectly:


We wore big skirts and tried to do some Flamenco dancing. It is simply beautiful to watch!


Spain’s best-known artist since the 1900s is Pablo Picasso, who is known for his abstract sculptures, drawings, graphics and ceramics in addition to his paintings.


The most important Spanish holiday is Holy Week, which is celebrated the week before Easter with large parades and other religious events. Spaniards also hold celebrations to honor their local patron saints in churches, cities, towns and villages. The people decorate the streets, build bonfires, set off fireworks and hold large parades, bullfights and beauty contests.

During nap time I told them they were taking a siesta. (I took a siesta as well!)

Seriously, I want to move there just for the siesta!

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