Monday: Weekly Family Activity—Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!


My local library is doing the most fabulous summer reading program all revolving around bugs! Here are some great ideas they have for families:

-Draw a picture of a spider and a web. What would your spider eat? Draw more to go along with it or write a story.

-Draw a picture of the biggest mountain that you can see.

-Write about the funniest thing you ever saw an insect do.

-Sit under a tree with your favorite book to read.

-Take a walk around your home and look for butterflies in daylight or moths at night.

-Read a book about fossils in the Cretaceous period (130 million years ago)

-Learn about the life cycle of a butterfly, what is does at night, and find out what butterfly flies 1,000 miles.

-Find a book about the “metamorphosis” of a bee. How does a bee communicate?

-Practice being insects, birds, fish outside.

-Write a short story that begins with “When I got home, my pet tarantula was missing…”

-What insect gives us a food item?

-Visit a museum to see what kind of insects live by the ocean, in the desert, or in the mountains.

-Go outside and cover your eyes, Can you hear any insects?

-Finger play—Eensy Weensy Spider

-Make a map of your room or yard. Plan a vacation trip for an ant or a spider.

-What types of bugs live near you? Draw a picture.

-Find three bugs outside, do any of them have wings?

-Write a poem about your favorite bug.

-There are 10,000 species of grasshoppers. Read a book about some of them.

-Read a book about monarch butteflies’ migration. Do you have flowers in your yard that attract butterflies?

-With sidewalk chalk draw a ladybug. How many spots will you draw on it?

-Look in magazines or newspapers for stories about insects. Are they helpful or harmful?

Pick out one, two or three to do with your family together! I love all of these ideas, especially making a map of a room or backyard to plan a vacation trip for a spider. What was your favorite that you want to try?

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