Monday: Weekly Family Activity—Best Yard Game

I must be the last person in the world to hear of the yard game Bocce, but just in case some of you have yet to learn about it I thought I would share how much fun we’ve had playing this game. We went up to Logan to visit my sister and her new husband and they brought the game along when we went up the canyon. It was so much fun and perfect for all ages to enjoy! We didn’t even take any pictures! You know you’re really having fun when you don’t want to stop and take a snapshot!

Bocce is also called Lawn Bowling though you can play on dirt, lawn or crushed gravel. You divide into teams of one to four members and each team is given four balls of the same color. Then you throw out the target ball and each team takes turns tossing their balls at the target. The team with their colored balls closest to the target at the end of the round wins.

Hopefully my husband is not reading my blog today because I plan on getting him a Bocce set for Father’s Day! I think he will like it even more when I tell him the game is from Italy and old men like to pass the day playing it. He wishes he could live that way. :) Someday, baby, we will have long siestas and waste the day playing Bocce. We are on our way sooner rather than later, I promise!


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