Monday: Weekly Family Activity—Arise Iron Chef!

iron chef

No matter what the ages in your family you can have an Iron Chef night! If you are not familiar with what Iron Chef America is it is a TV show on the food network that is based upon the format of the Japanese cult sensation, Iron Chef Americacarries on the legend of Kitchen Stadium and the famed “secret ingredient.” Each week, world-class chefs battle the legendary Iron Chefs of America: Bobby Flay, Mario Batali, Masaharu Morimoto and Cat Cora. Alton Brown serves as the Commentator and Mark Dacascos is the Chairman.

Pick a secret ingredient and depending on how difficult you want things to be you could tell your family the day before, week before, hour before or right before as they do on the show. You could do something as simple as who can make the best ice cream sundae,  best cookie, best foil dinner or you can go all out and have them do a certain meat to BBQ, best pasta dish or anything you can pick up!

Younger kids can pair up with parents and if you only have young kids in the house you could have just a Mom team and a Dad team. The hard part is finding judges! You could just judge as a family,  have a couple members of extended family act as judges or invite a neighbor over for dinner and have them join in the fun.

This would be a great activity to do just as a family or one to invite another family over for.

ARISE IRON CHEF and have fun!
Iron Chef

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