Monday: Weekly Family Activity—3 Things

April 13th, 2009 in Monday: Weekly Family Activity

For Christmas I purchased “Gratitude Journals” for my family and thought once a week or so we could take some time to write in them. I soon realized it needed to be done on a daily basis rather than weekly. With how busy we are, how stressful some of our days can be and how moody we three girls can act, I decided we needed to try and do it every night. There is something about late afternoon (right around that 5 o’clock hour) that needs a little something–a little extra help–thrown its way.

We keep our journals in an accessible place in our main living room and we find it extremely therapeutic to grab our journals, grab a pen and write down 3 Things that made us happy that day.

Your 3 Things don’t necessarily need to be written down in a journal; you could start a new tradition at the dinner table or during your family’s bedtime routine.


3 Things That Made Vanessa Happy This Weekend



1. My baby girl’s HUGE GRIN.

2. Making time to read a novel for the first time in….months!

3. Making the decision with the hubby to revisit our weekly date night.


What 3 Things Made You Happy Today?

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