Monday: Weekly Family Activites—Let Your Kids Choose!

Every week my family did something fun together and most weeks we got to choose. At some point during the week we would all sit down, brainstorm ideas of we wanted to do together, and then vote.

Once and awhile we couldn’t really think of anything so Mom would get a book or look online to give us ideas to get our minds thinking.

Usually Dad voted for fishing.

Mom voted for window shopping.

The boys voted for lazer tagging, boat riding, bowling, hiking, anything like that.

And us girls were usually up for anything, so our vote was always up for persuasion by the others.

Mom and Dad usually had to take some ideas off the board if they were to expensive or we just weren’t able to do them. THen we would allowed to vote for out top 3, then vote for the one we were going to do.

It was fun and made us feel important and that our ideas were really listened to and considered when our parents did this with us.

So give it a try, let your kids help in the decision making of what your family does for your weekly family activity!
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