Monday: Weekly Family Activity—-Remembering Extended Family through Pictures

Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents and Cousins mean a lot to me. It is hard when many of them live out of the state to keep a connection between the families.

I have found that having pictures displayed in my daughter’s bedrooms on their on memory boards helps a great deal.

We update the pictures as we get new ones and they both enjoy pointing to different people and identifying them. I have started telling my daughters something different about each person.

Aryssa—Did you know that she goes in the big girl toilet now?

Jacob—He loves to skateboard like the mouse in If You Take a Mouse to School

Becca—Did you know her bedroom is purple, how cool is that?

JB—He caught a fish the other day with Grandpa.

I made both of my daughters memory boards so they would coordinate with their rooms. One I made out of pink cloth, white ribbon and white tacks. Each picture or special note/card we get from family slides in between the ribbon. For my other daughter I got a wood magnet board, painted it yellow, added flowers and everything stays on with cute flower magnets.

There are many different kinds available online to purchase:

Here are some I found at  (which by the way is my new favorite site to find up and coming designers)



Or for your weekly family activity you could each make one of your own or make a family one to hang up in your home. While working together as a family share stories of the people you will add to the board. If you purchase a memory board you could have a stack of pictures ready, have everyone help you hang them up, and share stories as you go.

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