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January 11th, 2010 in Monday's Maven

We have two Monday Mavens today, the founders of Bloom, so be sure to read both Maven’s features!

Monday’s Maven

Full Name: Anne


Location: Southern Oregon

Kids: Blaine (3 1/2) and Roger (almost 2)

One Word that Describes You: Hopeful

 What makes you smile? When my son looks at me and says, “Mom?  I love you.”  or “Mom?  You look pretty in those dandelion earrings.”What is one of your dreams you hope to accomplish soon? To have a daughter!

One of Your favorite moments as a mother?

The first morning that we found our oldest, Blaine, asleep with his baby brother, Roger, in the crib.  I love imagining his mischievous grin as he climbed in to giggle and wrestle with his brother when they were supposed to be sleeping, and pray they will always love each other so much.

What is your guilty pleasure?


What do you love most about you? I love people, and I think I’m good at relating to all kinds of people.  And those relationships have enriched my life immeasurably.

Favorite Thing? Honestly, my favorite thing is being with my husband.  Whether we’re cooking, wandering through antique stores, pulling weeds, or watching So You Think You Can Dance together, we have a ball.  We just really like each other.

Who is your hero? My mother.  She has spent her entire life serving her family, and that is genuinely what makes her happy and satisfied in life.  She taught me how to nurture, how to work hard, and how to be content in life.  One of her most priceless teachings:  “Every problem has a solution.”

Your advice to other moms: When your child spills powdered sugar all over the kitchen, take a picture of it. Read Green Eggs and Ham over and over and ignore the pile of clothes that needs to be folded.
Don’t miss the opportunities to snuggle in bed together or have a popcorn party on the living room floor together.  My kids are still little, but I already feel how painfully fleeting this experience is!


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