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July 5th, 2010 in Monday's Maven

Monday’s Maven

Full Name:

Hannah Robinson



Western New York


The Little Miss – 4 ½

The Little Man Cub – almost 2 (yikes!)

One Word that Describes You:

Creative. (But that sounds braggy…what I mean is that my entire life I have always been up to my elbows in some sort of creative mess. Using my hands to create is so much a part of me.) Way more than one word…!!!

What makes you smile?

My children’s smiles. Bread that turned out the way it was supposed to! Creating. Gardening. Creating. Ice Cream. Creating. The ocean. Creating!!!

What is one of your dreams you hope to accomplish soon?

Aside from perfectly behaved children that clean up their own messes without being asked, flush the toilet and wash their hands every time, and are always cheerful and kind?

Well…aside from that, I would love to find an avenue to successfully share the designs and patterns for the things that I make with others. A book…a pattern line…some articles in magazines…who knows.

One of Your favorite motherhood moments?

Lucky for me this is a hard question. I have been blessed with several fabulous years of motherhood filled with countless treasured moments. I have two kinds of favorite moments. Seeing my children play together, help each other, and show genuine love for each other, and watching them discover something new…both happen very often, and each moment is always wonderful! Sorry…I just can’t choose one…but one that is tugging at my heart strings this moment is the image of my two littles tearing across the yard together to the berry patch and helping each other gorge on bits of sweet goodness. It really is a regular moment to enjoy…almost daily in fact…a “regularness” sweetens the moment rather than dulling it. Ah…sweet motherhood.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Castle on Hulu with a (big) bowl of ice cream!

What do you love most about you?

I’ll try anything. Well…that’s not true actually…!! But I will fearlessly (and sometimes insanely) try out new ways to create. I love love love coming home from the library with a big stack of how-to books and just going for it! Sometimes I make a total mess of things…but I always learn a lot, have gained some great “figure-it-out-as-I-go” skills, and have found many new crafts and skills that I truly love…and may not have found without simply jumping in!

Favorite food?

My all time favorite restaurant is Café Rio. I discovered it in college and am quite sure I ate a tuitions worth of food from there over my college days. We don’t have one, or anything even close to it, in the east which a tragedy.

Who is your hero?

My husband. He is fabulous. Seriously…!

Your advice to other moms on good things to start with to work towards a handmade more natural home for our kids?

If you are just beginning it can seem overwhelming…so start with things that will impact the everyday…this will allow you to enjoy handmade and natural goodness on a very regular basis and start the ball rolling for more projects. For example…you eat, sleep, and bathe everyday. Start there! Handmade and natural items are wonderful to use in the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom…and once you start using things that you have made with your own hands, or carefully chosen to purchase from another’s hands, when caring for your children something magical happens. It is so fulfilling and gratifying and soon it is all that you will want to use!

There are so many amazing ways that mothers around the world are creating handmade and natural homes for their families. Don’t get overwhelmed! Determine your strengths and use them to create a natural home. Learn new skills and embrace new crafts as you go…and love every minute of it!

What a fun feature, thank you Hannah!


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