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April 26th, 2010 in Monday's Maven

Monday’s Maven

Full Name: Laurie Turk


Location: DFW, Texas

kids: Davis (11), Dylan (9), Drake (4) all boys.

One Word that Describes You: Creative

What makes you smile? Giggles

What is one of your dreams you hope to accomplish soon? Finishing up a new business opportunity for bloggers which will help them monetize their blogs.  Hint: S.A.M. is coming soon.

One of Your favorite motherhood moments? I couldn’t pick just one moment.  But something that I’m very proud of as a mother is how well my boys get along with each other. {{for the most part – HA!}} My favorite moments are the ones where I see all 3 of my boys playing and having a great time with each other.  That’s when I can take a deep breath and enjoy a quiet feeling of accomplishment.

What is your guilty pleasure? 100 calorie carrot cake snacks and sweedish fish.  I also drink way too much Diet Coke but having 3 boys, I have to keep up somehow.  {{wink}}

What do you love most about you? That I’m not judgmental or competitive.  I learned early on in life {{yes, the hard way}} that there are a lot of reasons people are who they are and to assume the best in others.  I’m very collaborative by nature and am genuinely excited when good things happen to others.

Favorite things? Favorite holiday:  St. Patrick’s Day.  Place to travel:  anywhere!  I haven’t done a lot of traveling yet so anything is exciting to me at this point. {{wink}}.  Food:  Southern, it’s all about the comfort food of steak, gravy, and sides. J Restaurant:  right now it’s Habaneros, it’s TexMex.  Hobby:  Decorating my home, for sure.

Who is your hero? Oprah.  10 years ago (or so) she was doing this self-help series on Tuesdays and through  her guests, she taught me how to create my own experience and give me the push to find my passion in life and go for it.  It was an difficult time for me as I just had my 1st child who was a difficult baby (later diagnosed with autism) and did not have a car or a support system.  Watching her show every day gave me the strength to not just endure – but work to get to a point where I enjoy life.

Your advice to other moms that want to keep their creativity alive while at the same time being a very busy mom? Hmmm.  Great question.  My advice would be to make it easy on yourself so you can enjoy it more.  For instance, craft with friends on a larger project you’ve been putting off.  Creating a day of the week where you only focus on unfinished projects.  You can also use your creative talents for more than just fun projects – use them to solve the needs in your household. Like embellishing storage containers, making chore charts or incentive charts, making games and then using them to play with your children.

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