Monday: Weekly Family Activity–Getting Your Kids Excited for School

August 18th, 2008 in Monday: Weekly Family Activity

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Family Fun had some great ideas in this month’s magazine to get your children excited for school.

For your weekly family activity plan one of these fun activities.

Backpack Fairy—Have the Backpack Fairy visit the night before the first day of school and fill your child’s backpacks with treats, new books of fun art supplies.

Rise and Shine Breakfast—Invite neighbors to meet at your house/front yard for a wake up breakfast at the time they would actually need to wake up when school starts! Invite everyone to come in their jammies and eat a yummy breakfast!

Meet and Great Treat Party—Throw a make your own treat party for your child’s class the day before school starts. It will give the kids a chance to mingle, meet their teachers and enjoy deserts. You could even just invite the bus stop neighborhood school kids to the party too. Have cupcakes ready to dress up or even simple ice cream sundaes.

After School Snack Shop—At the end of the first day of school invite children over or simply set up a snack table to great bus riders (warn their parents first actually it probably would be best to invite them too, just so the kids know it is safe!) as they arrive home. Stock your celebration with things that will make the kids linger a little longer to get to know each-other such as popsicles, icy drinks. Have some fun games planned something as easy as Wiffle Ball, sidewalk chalk, bubbles or Frisbee.

 I cannot wait until my girls are old enough to do this!

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