Monday: Family Activity-Local Barnyard/Animal Farm

My husband cannot join us tonight for our weekly family activity so I decided to bring my niece along. We are going on a little field trip to a local animal farm. The one near my house is located at and admission to the animal farm is quite inexpensive. I actually got just an individual membership so anyone I bring is half off and my girls are always free (they are both under 3 years).

We usually spend just an hour there, right now all of the brand new animals are there. Abby loved the baby calf and was memorized by his eyelashes.

Feeding the chickens popcorn made her giggle uncontrollably :) They also had a new exhibit showing the different processes/stages milk goes through before it gets to your fridge. It was interactive, the girls got to push buttons to make the milk jugs move throughout the exhbit.

They also give you tickets to take a carriage ride (shown above) or a pony ride (which was daughter is to afraid to do but enjoys watching the other kids try).

I cannot wait until the flowers bloom and we can explore their Children’s Discovery Garden. Doesn’t it look beautiful? Their opening day is March 28th, but I wonder if the weather will allow.

Check to see if your city has a facility like this, we get good use our of our membership. They even have a webcam online where you can watch the animals (hopefully you can get a peak at the cute brand new baby animals)

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