Monday: Weekly Family Activity—What Dinosaurs Lived In Your Backyard?

November 3rd, 2008 in Monday: Weekly Family Activity

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I am lucky enough to live in Utah where lots of dinosaurs roamed back in the day. There a handful of great dinosaur museums close by that we visit. But for quick dinosaur fun at home this is the perfect activity:

Discovery Channellets you just type in your zipcode and see what dinosaurs used to roam where you now live!

I decided to show the girls what dinosaurs lived in Massachusetts where Daddy and Mommy lived before we got pregnant and decided to move from the most expensive county in the country :)

When you click on the dinosaur’s name another screen pops up with a pictures and some fun facts.


Description: A small, svelte dinosaur, weighing only about 60 pounds, Anchisaurus was a forerunner of the mammoth plant-eating sauropods. It moved about on four legs, had a long neck and longer tail, and dined on plants and leaves. It also had spoon-shaped teeth built to strip branches of their leaves, but not to chew (it relied on gizzard-stones to grind the leaves). Anchisaurus had hands with five fingers and feet with five toes; its thumbs also sported sharp claws likely used in defense.

Paleoenvironment: Probably liked hilly, forested areas, where it browsed in herds.

Then go to Enchanted Learning and print out a fun coloring page for everyone to color as a family.

Easy as that!


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