Moms Who Make It Conference in Utah

June 17th, 2009 in About Me

Feeling down about the economy and how it is affecting your small or large business?

Need inspiration as a woman and mother?

In a rut and want to know how to lead a healthier lifestyle?

Want to meet other women in the area and have a day of fun with women like you?

If you answered “yes” to any or all of the above I would like you to read this post ALL the way through.

I am unbelievably excited for the Moms Who Make it Conference! It is for EVERY MOTHER AND WOMAN OUT THERE. If you work full time, stay at home, run a large corporation or a small business out of your home, this conference is for you. If you are just looking for inspiration as a mother or how to take better care for YOURSELF, then you simply must attend. I am having a very hard time choosing which Mini Classes I should attend; for now these are the ones I can’t wait to hear more about:

  • Using Facebook for Business
  • Social Media for Mamas & Businesses
  • Eating More Fruits & Veggies on a Budget
  • Healthy Mommy, Healthy Baby
  • Fashion Forward DIY & Cheap Tips
  • Creative Crafting
  • Beauty is More than Skin Deep
  • Enhance Your Beauty with Make-up

There will be even more classes offered…see why I am having a hard time deciding?

The Mini Classes are during the first half of the day and there are only 200 tickets! Guess how much?? Fifteen bucks! Yes, that is it–$15! Quinn from is putting on the conference and is so passionate about it that she wants every woman to be able to attend.

“Moms Who Make It: Empowering Creativity in Life & Business” Conference

Thursday, July 16th in Salt Lake City, Utah

Click HERE to read more info and buy yourself some tickets!

What about the other half of the day, you ask? It will be full of an unbelievable lineup of amazing women giving presentations each of us need as women; just a FEW of them are:

  • Harnessing Creativity to Build the Life You Want
    Keynote Speaker, Kim Christopherson (Owner/Manager
  • Using Difficult Life Situations as a Catalyst to Change

And how much does the other half of the day cost? Just $45!! So affordable for us all right now!

I could go on and on…besides all the wonderful classes there will be unbelievably yummy food and plenty of time to get to know each other. You know what else? It is being held in a beautiful building, Noah’s in the Salt Lake area. Check out these beautiful rooms and a peak at the “Backstage Bloggers” who are attending.

Click HERE to read more info and buy yourself some tickets!

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