Moab–Dinosaur Day

August 1st, 2016 in About Me, Our Travels Worldwide

For Spring Break we headed to Moab, Utah. Tyler and I spent 2 days there a few years back and we have wanted to take the girls back ever since. There is so much to do in Moab and I feel like I could fill another week full of what we didn’t do. So we will just have to go back!

I planned the trip around my girls’ likes–one of their biggest loves is DINOSAURS! So of course I had to do a dinosaur themed day.

First we went to Mill Canyon Dinosaur Trail where there are real fossils and imprints in the land from dinosaurs. Can you tell how excited my kids are?


millcanyonfinal millcanyon15 millcanyon13 millcanyon12 millcanyon11 millcanyon0 millcanyon9 millcanyon8 millcanyon6 millcanyon4 millcanyon3 millcanyon2 millcanyon1 lizard



Then we went to Moab Giants to walk around on their man made dinosaur trail. It is pretty cool to see their recreations of the dinosaurs.

moabgiants moabgiants1 moabgiants2 moabgiants3 moabgiants4 moabgiants5 moabgiants6 moabgiants8 moabgiants9 moabgiants10 moabgiants11 moabgiants12 moabgiants15 moabgiantslast

My girls were in heaven, such a cool dinosaur day for them. And in perfect weather! Not hot at all, but not chilly.

PS Cameron was very excited to come in contact with some minerals she is in love with!


One Response to “Moab–Dinosaur Day”

  • Linda
    August 2nd, 2016 at 11:22 pm

    We talk all the time about going there. We are going to have to book a trip through you I can see. Looks so fun and hot. Can one go in the Spring?