My 29th Moab Birthday

April 17th, 2012 in About Me

I learned two important things when I celebrated my birthday in Moab this past weekend:

#1 I need to plan my own birthday every year! I always thought that would be the most depressing thing ever, to plan your own birthday. But it was wonderful!! I had so much fun, I did not care one bit that I planned the whole thing, honest to goodness! Of course we won’t go on a trip every year but I am always going to be really direct about what I want and just plan the whole thing. Lesson learned and I like it.

#2 I love date nights or getting away during the day for a couple of hours to hang out with my husband. But that is all I need. That refreshes me, bonds us, and works out perfectly. I had fun when we went, am very grateful to all that helped us so it was possible…but I don’t need to do overnight getaways/weekend getaways. Although I wonder if in a few more years after being a Mom for longer if I will be changing my tune. Tyler and I had lots of fun but we both felt the same…we would have loved to have our girls with us. And just gone on one or two things by ourselves and spent time together after the kiddos went to bed. Lesson learned.

But like I said it was a wonderful birthday and we did really have fun. We went to Moab Utah and went “off-roading” in the back country on a hummer:

We stayed in a cabin right along the Colorado River:

Took a little hike & skipped rocks:

Went horseback riding:

My tush HURT! My horse was a sweetheart, I could not stop petting her. 

Then had dinner & watched a movie in P-Town:

Black Sheep Cafe is very yummy, the movie Lockdown is pretty awful. 

When my parents brought the girls back I was so happy and cried when I saw Shae. I missed those girlies and also had a blast with my husband in Moab.

Happy Birthday to me, I am 29 now, and it was a fabulous weekend!

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