Wednesday: Mid-Week Ramblings—Motherhood

Over the past few months I have received quite a few questions relating to motherhood. Asking how to stay inspired, how to stay grateful, how to stay happy, how to make sure you take care of yourself personally, how to ”provide yourself with meaningful, intellectual, stimulating activities while still being the world’s number one mom.” I wanted to give time and thought to these questions and ask others to help me give advice, inspiration, helpful words without coming off as a know it all, bossy, judgmental and without downplaying the true concerns and struggles us as mothers have.

 I asked a few other Mothers to help me in this topic very close to my heart and one I feel like every few months I personally struggle with.

 Our second contributor on this topic is Brittany who owns the beautiful online shop Cottage Road Designs. She is the mother of three and is expecting twins in a few months; she also has a personal blog here.

What inspires you as a mother?

I love finding other mothers’ strengths.  There is balance in everyone; good and bad.  I have found that when I focus on the strengths of the mothers around me, it is truly inspiring! 

What do you do to rejuvenate yourself?

When my first child came along I was never alone.  I mean never.  When she was nine months old, I put her to bed one night and my mother in law said, “Why don’t you go out?  I’m not going anywhere, so you should go get some alone time.”   I said, “umm…okay…” and I got into the car, drove away from the house and started cheering for joy!  I had MISSED being alone!!  Had I really not been alone in nine months?  How had I let that happen?  I realized that night: alone time rejuvenates me.   I had suffered from not knowing that about myself and so had the people I loved the most. 

What keeps you feeling fulfilled personally?  

For a while I forgot that being creative makes me tick and I got really depressed.  Now I search for ways to be creative daily—it can be as simple as making my snack look pretty or taking a few pictures or as deep as spending some alone time painting.  I’ve learned to find ways to be creative even when there are little people walking in circles around me.   

What advice would you have to other mothers might feel discouraged?

 Time goes by quickly, if there is a season of motherhood you find difficult, remember that it will eventually be a thing of the past.  I have come to understand well the saying, “the days are long, but the years are short.”


Be gentle with yourself; no mommy is perfect.  But remember to be humble and say you’re sorry.


Figure out what makes you tick and DO that.


Find balance—simplify when you need to.


Look for beauty and you will find it.


Let yourself be taught—my children have taught me that they are here to teach me, and I am a better person for being taught lesson after lesson by such wonderful people.



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