Meal Plan with Homemade Tortillas

May 31st, 2012 in recipes

First I am going to show you how to do homemade tortillas. Why even bother doing that you ask? They are cheap, they are easier than making cookies, they taste so much better, and they make the meal! Try it.

Second I am going to tell you of 5 different meals (some vegetarian options) you can make with them after making a huge batch. Depending on how many of the meals you want to do you can double, triple or quadruple the batch. All you do is after you let them rise for 30 minutes you take the balls, put them in tupperware, and place them in the fridge. Then they are ready to go (after you bring them to room temperature) to roll out and quickly heat up on the stove.

I need to note you will notice something in these pictures…I should have sifted my flour. I really hate doing that, but I should have this time!

Homemade Tortillas How To

This makes 10-12 tortilla balls, which for my family is enough for about 1 and 1/2 meals. But plan accordingly to your family. So I will double it and have enough for 3 meals for that week.


2 cups flour

1 teaspoon of sugar

1/4 cup of oil

1 teaspoon of salt

1 teaspoon of baking soda

1 cup of warm milk


1. Mix everything together but milk.

2. Add milk a little at a time till doughy, but not horribly sticky. Sometimes a couple of tablespoons from the 1 cup of milk never make it in.

3. Divide into 10 balls and let them sit for 1/2 hour.

4. Roll out with some flour on the counter and rolling pin.

5. Cook in hot frying pan or skillet, just about 15-20 seconds on each side.

*I also have to add another note per Tyler’s request…if you withhold too much milk because you are worried they will be too sticky…they will turn out to hard/brittle when you “skillet them up” I have done this before, not the end of the world, they are still good. 

Homemade Tortilla Meal Plan Ideas

Authentic “Street” Tacos

Raising Kids on Real Food-Vegetarian Tacos

Breakfast burritos

(sometimes we just do egg—then its vegetarian)

Easy Salad Wraps

(just make the balls a bit bigger for these so they roll out to really large tortillas to put your salad mix in. Also you can do just a veggie salad and omit the meat!)

Refried Beans & Shredded Cheese (so simple, but so good in these)

Carne Asada

Corn Avocado Relish

P.S. Thanks to some fun friends who came over and let me teach them how to make these, it was fun!

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