Massage Envy with my Amiga Evonne

October 2nd, 2010 in About Me, Giveaways

I love my friend Evonne. I love her because I can be myself around her.  I can say anything in the whole wide world and so can she. We help each other feel better when we are down in the dumps, our kiddos love each other and she is quite fun to hang out with. She is one of those friends that I could visit in my pajamas and eat Oreos all morning long without having to make up an excuse.

I am glad it ended up that she got to come with me to Massage Envy for a one hour massage.  We both had been having #$)(%*% weeks, already had been crying that day and needed to RUN AWAY.

So we did. But we were both nervous.  She had never had a massage and the only “massages” I had received were when I was in intense physical therapy when I was 18. And those should not be called massages.

And we got a couples room cause, hee hee, why not?

We were both nervous and not sure what to do. Do you talk? Do you not talk? Do you giggle? Do you…how do you…yeah.

Listen, the staff that helped us at Massage Envy made us feel comfortable right away.  They are very friendly AND are good at their job! We were so relaxed afterwards and almost all of our tension had been massaged out! I told Evonne that I should not have been allowed to drive home after feeling that relaxed and we swore to each other to try and go once a month from here on out.

Ahhh I miss it already.

You wish YOU could get a free one hour massage at Massage Envy?

Well it’s super easy.  You just take a 15 MINUTE test drive of a Chevy Malibu or Traverse (check out which dealerships are participating on the website first) and they hand you over a gift card for a FREE one hour massage at Massage Envy.

So grab your friend, take a test drive and then go get a massage.  Click on the image below to find out how:

I am one of the Chevy Moms and Chevy has provided me with a Chevy Malibu to drive around for a month. Chevy gave Evonne and me gift cards for the massages for free.

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