Make and Takes for Kids by Marie LeBaron

*This post is a giveaway. Check out the end! After you read all about the book, of course. 

Make and Takes for Kids by Marie LeBaron is a f-f-f-f-FABULOUS family craft book. Let me simply tell you why:

  • You won’t spend $187.56 at your local craft store to finish any of the projects. Heck, you won’t spend over a few dollars. You may even spend nothing at all for most of them. They are all *affordable* crafts.
  • They are crafts that, like the title says, the KIDS can do.  A lot of crafts designed for kids really are too difficult and time consuming. You know for a fact when you look at the finished picture that a kid didn’t even TOUCH that craft project.
  • You know how you skim through a craft publication to decide which ones you could actually see yourself doing and usually there is a big handful…but there are quite a bit you feel are too over the top or too lame-o? Well NOT with this book. My daughters and I decided that we would do 47 out of the 50 crafts. It’s really amazing that so many appealed to us!
  • The directions are clear, the pictures are such fun, the layout of the book is perfect and the organization of the crafts by the months of the year is just the best way to do it.
  • The ideas! Lots of them are just so simple and clever you think, ‘Now why didn’t *I* think of that!?’  They are the crafts that are such good ideas that you tell a friend, who tells another friend and soon every class party at your elementary school is doing that particular craft at the next class party ’cause it was just so darn clever!
Can I tell you about a couple of the crafts that are perfect for this time of year?
  • The Snowman Smoothie: Something like this is just so simple, but the kids love it! Kids get so excited about cute little things that take us just a couple minutes. They make their day so fun :)
  • Candy Cane Headband Antlers: Seriously, who doesn’t have one billion pipe cleaners floating around their house? My girls are going to love this one for the holidays.
And you know what? It is just nice to see an honest, caring, down to earth, friendly successful blogger accomplish such a great thing. Marie has always been so nice, even with how successful she has become, and it makes me proud and so happy for her.

Lastly… for a holiday present from me to my readers, I want to give away three copies of “Make and Takes for Kids,” by Marie LeBaron.

Just leave a comment telling me why you have such a fun time with your kids doing crafts, art projects or trying out a new recipe together. Tell me why you and your kids love it, and maybe even the latest thing you did together that was a hit!


P.S. You also should put Make and Takes for Kids by Marie LeBaron on *your* holiday list. Don’t you think so many of your friends and relatives would have such fun with this book? I do! You can buy it here on Amazon for an awesome price.

*Full disclosure: Marie gave me a copy of this book to review… which didn’t sway me a bit; I just adore it wholeheartedly!

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