Love Messages by Vanessa

January 5th, 2010 in About Me

*I posted this on but we are taking down the site and I wanted to save it!


I think I need to sit down and write a Love Messages post every week. I am too hard on my husband, and writing this has made me extra sweet all day long.

#1 My husband loves his three girls because he works and works and works and then works a bit more for us. He wakes up early in the morning, goes goes goes, and then plops himself into bed very late at night. Something happened to him the day I gave birth to our first child. He felt the pressure or having to provide for a child, and instead of letting that fear paralyze him, he used it to grow and reach his potential.  He has grown a hugely successful company to provide for us because he loves us. Which is why the three of us sneak off to a different room of the house Sundays after church so he can have his very well deserved Sunday nap. This is one of his Love Messages to his three girls.

#2 I work as well, but not nearly as much.  My other more important work, motherhood, wears…me….out. So this guy often offers to make ME something for lunch, whips all of us up a wonderful breakfast or (our favorite) makes his famous burgers for dinner. I love him extra more when he cooks for us.  Who can blame me? Just look at THIS Love Message!

#3 Estrogen. Lots of it. Everywhere. This would explain why every blue moon he escapes to the movies with the only other MALE in the house, our dog Rocco.  He loves us but we aint easy to deal with! He loves us even with our whining, crying and tizzy fits (mainly talking about myself here). He is patient and loving and our favorite guy. He puts up with us stinkerbums and still can’t get enough of us!

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