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December 23rd, 2012 in About Me

This has been the most laid back stress free holiday in my life. Do I get lonely and homesick sometimes? Yes. But we have had many years with family during the holidays. So it is nice to do this one year with just my little family.

This was the front of our Christmas Card this year:

I took the girls to take their Christmas pictures at the beach. On the way in I accidentally with the flip of my shoe covered Reagan in sand. In her eyes, in her hair, everywhere. Then the tide was in too far so Cameron was screaming that she was going to die. Shae started screaming because Cameron was screaming. Poor Abby just wanted to get out of there. So I gave up after a couple of minutes and we went back home.

Although on Sunday before we hopped into the car to leave I had the girls stand by the fence for a picture. Those actually turned out good enough for me:

Hope everyone has a beautiful holiday season. See you after the holidays!

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