Los Suenos in Costa Rica

March 19th, 2013 in Our Travels Worldwide

Los Suenos is in Herradura Costa Rica, just 10 minutes away from us. I see it in travel articles all the time. Once and awhile we get visitors at church from America and they always are staying there. There is a higher end Americanized grocery store in Herradura where I go to get whole grain flour and real brown sugar. And sometimes a vanilla Coke and Snickers, when the week has needed reinforcments. During Christmas time that store was packed with people with money. Goodness I have never seen so many, super model-plastic body-name brand head to toe, in one place. And that day none of them seemed to be American. So I think Los Suenos is a place where a lot of people either rent out or own a vacation home that live perhaps in the capital.

It sure is a beautiful development. They have a Marriott there, a beautiful golf course, and spas. It isn’t our style but I do understand the draw for most people. We would just rather be right next to better beaches, more options for food, and in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Herradura also has a super calm beach so if we want to go somewhere where the girls can roam *almost* free, we go there. It is almost like a lap pool and not that pretty of one. Herradura doesn’t have the prettiest beaches. Which is fine because you can go just a couple of minutes either way for an awesome beach. I don’t think we will go back though because it was even too calm and not much fun for the girls last time when they wanted to boogy board.

As you can see below it also has a marina which is beautiful. There is a higher end salon, expensive Italian place, a bakery that looked amazingly yummy, and a gourmet food shop. Where I was finally able to find some curry paste, which I immediately lost by leaving it behind.

I think we will explore Los Suenos a *bit* more by going out to dinner at a couple of places, finally get my hair cut there, and go back to get more curry paste. I would love to rent a golf cart and just drive through the beautiful neighborhood to see the architecture, landscaping, fountains, etc. Abby and I will have to grab some sushi at the Japanese place overlooking the marina.

Behold….Los Suenos Costa Rica:

P.S. My husband adores pictures. 


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