Logan To Do

November 1st, 2011 in About Me

Logan, Utah is another place I love! Right after our trip to St. George, the girls and I ran up to Logan for our bi-annual visit to my sister & her family. My mom & sister were poking fun at me because I have a set to-do list when I come to visit my sister in Logan.

#1 Eat at Firehouse Pizza

#2 Go on a Hike

#3 Eat Aggie ice cream

#4 Stay in the same hotel, in the same type of room and have a late girl’s night out making necklaces, listening to Radio Disney and swimming in the hotel pool

#5 SILLY STRING. Every trip, the girls and I surprise attack someone in the family with silly string.

#6 Go to the Pumpkin Walk or Summerfest. You *HAVE* to watch this video I took of the Pumpkin Walk…all the scenes are made from pumpkins. We decided Calvin & Hobbes and Winnie the Pooh won this year:

Last year, when I came to do #1 through #6, this is how my sister looked:

And now Baby Mason is here and makes things even more fun:

So I guess I should add….

#7 Love on nephew Baby Mason


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