Saturday: Shop! I Heart the Farmer’s Market

September 6th, 2008 in Health, Saturday: Shopping!

Can you start to see fall? Can you start to smell it? Getting excited for it?

I AM!! Fall is my favorite and my best (as Lola and Abby would say) it just makes me so happy! While at the Farmer’s Market (well the few times) is when I started seeing Fall.

Click here for more information on the Salt Lake Farmers Market.

Mmm fresh Goat Cheese Chevre, Parmesan Reggiano, Sopressta. Blackberries, Salsa, Melon, Peaches, Bail, Fresh Bread…..

Not to mention the beautiful art and craft vendors. Abby loved playing with these metal statues and meeting a clown for the first time! Like her lion?
And Cameron? Was in pure heaven eating her blackberries and apple strudel :)

When we got home I took out some of the items to make dinner, THIS is how much Abby had taken out of the hunk of cheese by the time I got back to the kitchen.

Hurry back to get more blackberries, Cameron needs them fast!

Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm Buy Locally, Shop at the Farmer’s Market before it’s to late!

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