Little Things

February 2nd, 2010 in Beauty in Everyday, Life

There has been a change in our schedule here in my home that has me scrambling to get things done and keep sane. I am in the “in between” phase, where I am trying my hardest to get everything done but really need to sit down and once again come up with a new “Time Management” plan.

Isn’t it when your life seems the craziest that you need a Little Thing to make you stop, breathe and smile?

My baby girl (what? she is still in a crib.  I can call her that) and I have a fun 10pm routine that makes me just glow inside and out every night. Up until a couple of months ago I had to be very “secret spy” like to check on her one last time at 10pm. If she woke up, that was it.  She was not consolable and would need to be calmed back down. She even had this tricky maneuver where she would ask for a hug and then use my body to crawl out of her crib into my arms. Tricky gal.

Now I can say hi to her.  Sometimes she wakes up and sometimes she does not, but she is happy to just stay in bed.  Like her older sister, she’ll whisper back to me, “I love you too Mama,” even while asleep.  For the past couple of weeks, though, she has been doing something that I am pretty sure should be awarded as “the cutest thing ever.”

After she says “I love you,” I make a kiss noise before I leave.  While still asleep, she makes these kiss noises back to me.  She does it over and over so I leave her door open just a touch to listen to her series of air kisses to me. And sometimes that little girl is so darn cute, she gets scooped up to come hang out with Momma and Poppi in their bed.

I know.  What a lucky Mama am I?


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