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June 26th, 2011 in local, Love of Local in Utah

You know, I really didn’t know I should have been “choosy” with the girls’ dentist…I kind of just figured if the dentist seemed like a nice guy and the atmosphere was kid friendly, that I would be ok.

Until I learned a lot more and had a completely different experience with Dr. David M. Stewart at Little People’s Dental in South Jordan, Utah.

Why was it different?

The front office was organized, the staff was pleasant to work with and friendly to talk to (as moms, we know this is not always the case with the front desk staff at dentists, doctors, school etc.). The hygienists knew what they were doing and how to deal with kids. And they did a really thorough job cleaning the girls teeth and getting a good “feel” on them so they knew when to try to do the x-rays and when to show off the new toothbrush, etc. Lastly, the dentist, Dr. David M. Stewart, gave me really valuable information on how to keep my kids’ teeth healthy and to help kids create healthy dental habits.

For example, during the appointment I learned that I need to pay more attention to “grazing.” I shouldn’t let the kids have 3 little snacks within an hour, but have very set snack and meal times. The teeth, saliva and other things going on in your mouth (sorry, not remembering the technical terms!) need a break! They need time to do their thang!

From interviewing (and having you guys interview as well) Dr. David M. Stewart, I was already aware of a lot of his other tips, which you can catch up on in this post and in this post as well. Things like how much toothpaste you need to use, how YOU as the adult need to brush their teeth and the right way to position them to get the job done in the right way.

Bad dental health is a pain. It leads to a lot of discomfort and spending a lot of mula mula. I just feel like Dr. Stewart cares not so much about making as much money as he can but about teaching us all how to NOT come in to spend our money! And he is concerned with making sure my kids develop good dental habits that can be instilled in them so they have good dental habits as adults.

The wait time was…non-existent. The rooms are family friendly with relaxing homey decor and great movies playing on the ceiling. Everyone and everything runs very smoothly and is very organized and thorough. But they still take the time to be personable.

Two thumbs up, thanks for having us Little People’s Dental in South Jordan!

Disclaimer: Little People’s Dental is an advertiser on my site, but all opinions are 100% honest and mine.


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