Little Critters

December 8th, 2011 in Our Travels Worldwide

I forgot to tell you what the little critters scratching on the roof all morning are!

The iguanas.

Just in case you ever are eating on the top of the roof in Costa Rica with your little ones, checking out the iguanas crawling all over the roof: I would suggest you SMOTHER the urge to throw food at the iguanas to see them in action. If you, by chance, do that then all nearby iguanas will come running over to where you are sitting — which will start the SCREAMS of your three little girls. Which then will leave you trapped on the roof and throwing food as far away from you as you can, while you pick up all your three kids and run down the roof stairs AS FAST AS YOU CAN.

Not that I would have done anything like that scenario I just described above.

Also, the guard for the house keeps on walking by the windows just checking in on the property. EVERY SINGLE TIME his head pops up it startles me and I think it’s the beginning of my own horror movie. Every single time. My heart isn’t going to last this trip!

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