Listening to Spring

April 21st, 2010 in Nature

FINALLY it’s spring! (Right? Or did I just jinx us all?) I am nervous to switch out the girl’s clothes for their spring/summer clothes.  Is this for real?  I hope so. We’ll take as much of it was we can. I love that I don’t see my computer for most of the day and, instead, am running around outside doing very important things like planting seeds, potting trees, filling up ant farms and making sidewalk chalk racetracks. THE LIFE, I tell you. This is how I like to live.

We are enjoying every little and big thing about spring and are having fun exploring how the earth is changing right now. Even the SOUND of nature is changing.

You should pull out a blanket, find a quiet place, and just listen with your kids.  You might hear…

Running Water

New Birds

Little Critters


Trees Swaying

Kids Playing (WHAT?! Really?  People are outside now??)

Sound of a Baseball Bat Cracking

What do you hear with spring coming? We even saw a roly-poly today! Boy, was that exciting.  It was like they saw a long lost friend! Aww, look at this picture of LAST year playing with the roly-polies.  Wow, they have grown!


Boy, do I love spring.

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