Listening to Myself

February 9th, 2010 in Life

There has been a motherhood instinct in me that came immediately after giving birth. To protect. To protect my girls even when my family doesn’t understand, when others find it silly or even when I don’t completely understand it. But there is something in you that starts speaking to you, leads you to decisions, even sometimes hard ones in order to protect your children. Motherhood Intuition.

My “Motherhood Intuition” has told me from day one that my girls need to live in a more NATURAL, back to basics type of world. This comes in many ways- what I put in/on/around their body, what I bathe them in, what they wear, sleep in, eat and breathe.

I know I’m making the right decision when I experience the horrible headaches I get after finding an old cleaning container and use it in place of the homemade mixes we have made. Or the bad tummy aches my girls get when we eat things with items on the nutrition label that I don’t even understand and can’t pronounce.

The trend of sicker and unhealthier children, and how terrified I am that what is surrounding my girls might in fact one day give them huge health problems, has led me to just LISTEN to myself more.

These are clear no brainer signs.

The voice in me says BE CAREFUL. The voice in me says TRY HARDER VANESSA. The voice in me says IT IS NOT SILLY, IT IS IMPORTANT.

Common sense tells me my girls and their mommy and daddy will love a longer healthier life when it is back to pure and natural and clean. Not full of toxins, pesticides and harmful chemicals.

This is why I love this video, and once again, am telling myself that it is time to step it up and try harder. Something in me KNOWS it is essential to raising my little girls.

What do you think about this video? What has your Motherhood Intuition been whispering to you lately?

Sometimes I trust myself and can listen. Then I know deep inside of me that I am doing what needs to be done. That I protect my girls from certain things, people, places OR that I guide them towards certain things, people and places.

And then sometimes I get so frustrated with myself because I let others’ opinions (either given lovingly or not so lovingly) affect how I act as a mother. This is when I become really disappointed in myself. Hopefully with time I learn that I can definitely learn from others but ultimately my “mommy voice” is the most important. Motherhood Intuition is there for a reason and it knows best.

*Daddy intuition too 😉 Just as important. Sometimes daddies can know things mommies don’t!


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