Leftovers from Winter

June 27th, 2016 in About Me

When I sit down to blog about our family life I go through pictures first. I plug in my camera and see what I took pictures of. Then I scroll through my instagram to see what we did. I also have a private instagram that I have just to store photos, so I go through that as well.

I forgot a few additional things that we did over the winter…

Shae is my angel, I tell her that all the time. If I ever call her by another nickname she stops me and says, “No. I am your angel.” She does not ask for much so when she does I say yes. About every 6-8 weeks she asks if we can do a sleepover. So I say YES! In fact, we are doing one tomorrow night. In includes baking always. Anytime she writes her name or sees her name written she points to it and says, “Thats it!” Meaning that is the name of her bakery, Shae’s bakery. Oh I hope I can help her with this goal one day.

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and fingernails…we always do finger nails.


Like I said in my last post, my younger two go to a wonderful preschool. It has been a big blessing to me to have in our lives. Shae & Reagan went to pick out blankets, stuffed animals, and books for children to donate.

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During their week of learning about the world we came in and did a presentation. Abby, Cameron, and I gave it to both of their classes. At the end we showed them the mermaid statue we lived next to and put on our mermaid tales. Boy did both of those girls LOVE having their sisters in their classes.

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 7.21.08 PM

They also had another dress up day in addition to the Dr. Suess one. But looking at this picture I can’t remember what in the world the theme was. Probably crazy sock day taken even farther.

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My favorite part about dropping them off is when they ask me to babysit Puppy and Bunny. So they sit on my dashboard like this during the day waiting for their owners to come out.

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Abby’s dance studio let her become an assistant dance teacher 3 years early. Abby has really loved helping the teachers with their cute preschool classes. They call her Miss Abby and get excited when they see her around town. It’s just about the cutest thing in the entire universe.

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Speaking of dance, it took Reagan a few months to be good enough in class to be awarded the spotlight. But when she finally did it really turned a corner for her and she has become a lot more focused and obedient in classes. THANK GOODNESS.

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One of Shae & Reagan’s favorite things to play is “Cooking Show” this is a shot of them mid show.

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Abby & Cameron were in constant arguments with their Dad about how old they need to be to babysit or stay home alone. So I put the question up on three FB pages and got people to post their opinions. Then we gathered the data and charted it as a home school project. Surprisingly it took 4 hours to do this! At the end they did a presentation and shared their case for what they think the correct answer should be.

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These pictures below were from a grumpy day of mine. Someone noticed it was National Umbrella Day and I did NOT have time for National Umbrella Day. But everyone was so excited so after feeling bad I just said forget it and pulled over and we celebrated. People were late to their classes, but oh well, they were happy.

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Ok those were some of the forgotten memories from the winter :)

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