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June 1st, 2010 in Children Product Reviews

THANK YOU LEAP FROG! How did you know that the past two weeks ended up being some of the craziest of my life? How did the Leapster Explorer (which kept my two girls having a blast while their mom was running around like a crazy lady) arrive on THE PERFECT DAY at my front doorstep? Lifesaver, I tell ya. 

And don’t worry: in July I get to host a giveaway of the Leapster Explorer.

One of their big pushes is that it is “pick-up-and-play” capable, and let me tell you: IT IS. While I was running around like a crazy lady, they both were playing it with very little direction from me. Honest to goodness, all I did was show them where to turn it on and that they could use their finger or the stylus to select things.

I would look over and see them learning how to write letters, reading a book, drawing, playing fun princess games, watching short movies, memorizing music notes and who knows what else!

When my crazy few days ended I got to really sit down and have THEM show me how everything worked.  I got to see all the different E-Books, videos, game apps, flash cards and LeapWorld games.  I was impressed with how they could personalize their own Leapster Explorer to match them; everything from the difficulty of the games by putting in their school grade to earning points to changing the backgrounds, music and other fun things.

My girls’ favorite game was the Pet Pad.  They were able to create and personalize their own pet and then earn points to feed, bathe, dress it up, etc. I loved the game ‘Mr. Pencil Saves Doodleburg.’  It was a fun way to get the girls into learning how to print their letters. Then in October I am going to buy the Camera Accessory that goes along with the Leapster Exlporer which will let them take photos and videos and do tons of fun things with them!

ALSO (very important part), it holds quite a bit of charge.  I was very impressed with the charge life, although I do have to say that the charger needs to be included instead of an extra. That always drives me nuts. The games are great because they have lots of different levels and are tailored to your child. At the same time, I wish they were a few dollars less in price.  I really do think the Explorer itself is fairly priced and is a fabulous product.  It’s the perfect size, the touch screen actually works with my girls’ tiny fingers and the color & 3-D aspect to it is top notch. It’s also extremely sturdy, perfect for ages 4 to 9 and just a whole lot of fun!

I just know these are going to go like hot cakes so you can start pre-ordering them on June 7th and then they will be on shelves July 15th. Thanks Leap Frog!

All products were given to us for free by Leap Frogin exchange for this review, but as you all know, I don’t blog about things unless they have been given the INeverGrewUp.net approval!

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