LeapFrog Giveaway Time!

October 31st, 2011 in Giveaways

I get so excited for you guys when I get to host a Leap Frog giveaway! As you have probably noticed I don’t do giveaways or reviews very much anymore. So you can bet when I do say yes to one, it’s because I am loving the product and can’t wait to give it to one of you!

So Leap Frog came out with a new product: a LeapPad, which is an upgrade from the Explorer. It’s upgraded because it is a touch screen, has a larger screen, has a camera and it doesn’t freeze on the kiddos like the Explorer does once in a while. A big plus is that the games you have been using with the Explorer can be used with the LeapPad.

Now let me tell you about the two new games I am loving right now that can go along with the LeapPad.  The new Pet Pals game….Pet Pals 2 is the girls’ new favorite. Pet Pals has been their favorite for a couple years, but the new game is even better. Graphics are more detailed, and you can do more things with your pets. That is a game to pick up, for sure. Actually my girls fought so much over it, I just gave in and bought two! Also the Pixar Pals is another favorite one because it has quite a few characters in the game: Toy Story, Finding Nemo, WALL-E and Dora. They work through puzzles, logic games and things like that. This would be a safe one to give as a gift because the kids are sure to like at least a couple of the characters in this game. I have been really impressed with how Leap Frog has put out better and better games each time. Even when their products are great, they always work to make them even BETTER.

Let me tell you about another product, the Tag Reader, which I have posted about before. It is a steal for the price — 39.99 — because it will help your child learn the process of sounding out letters to make words. It will help them understand how a story is set up, and how to use their imagination with books. It is so interactive. The books and systems with the Tag Readers have something new to explore or a new game to try in each product.

Lastly, they just came out with the Solar System Adventure Pack that teaches kids all about the planets. The map has over 40 games within it, and it unfolds into a long interactive map. The girls have had a ball learning about the solar system and feeling like mini astronauts.

These Leap Frog products have SAVED me with the girls on car trips, plane rides, doctor office appointment and quiet time in the home. And I don’t feel guilty one bit, because they really do help the girls learn so much.

SQUEEE!! Time for the giveaway…

One of you will receive the Leap Pad & Games I mentioned ($159.99 value)


One of you will receive the Tag Reader with the Solar System Adventure Pack ($93.96 value)

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I will chose a winner November 15th at 7 pm. Good luck!

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