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October 10th, 2009 in Children Product Reviews

We are officially addicted to Leap Frog products, and I don’t mind one bit.

The girls love their Readers.  Abby uses the Tag Reader with the Learn to Read Books wherever we go. She is already a smart girl.  She catches on quite quickly, and this has helped her start to sound out words all on her own. I am thrilled.  

It is so easy to load books onto the reader.  The books are so fun for her to read on her own or as a family. We love the selection of books.  There are loads of classics as well as a great selection of newer material from the girls’ favorite cartoons.

Cameron uses the Junior Tag Reader and has a ball. She very quickly figured out how to read it.  Now, it entertains her while I am trying to get work done or when we are stuck in the car on a long drive. She loves to read all the time.  This was the perfect addition to our home.  It has been a fantastic way to teach independence.  We love to read together, but I can’t always do it when she wants.  This has taught her how to do it on her own!

The girls enjoy the LeapFrog DVD Let’s Go to School.  Abby is a bit terrified of the thought of school. She has one more year before she starts Kindergarten.  She is currently in some dance camps that get her a bit nervous once in a while, and this fun DVD was so helpful.  It helped ease her mind while teaching her about the classroom, the alphabet, and numbers. This is a very fun and informative DVD.

Listen, I get a lot of products sent to me.  Legally, now I have to put a disclaimer on all of my posts saying what I received for free or discounted to review. I don’t put up everything I receive.  I usually don’t put up the products I do NOT like. If I do put up a review, I am honest about it. I only recommend things I love and for which I wouldn’t be embarrassed to suggest to you to spend your money. Now with that said, I received all of these Leap Frog products for free.  Having them sent to my home for free did NOT sway my opinion on them in the slightest.  I am quite a picky gal- believe me.

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