LDS Super Saturday

September 3rd, 2010 in About Me

At church my assigned job is to be in charge of all the fun activities for the women in Relief Society.  We do mini groups throughout the month: cooking groups, exercise groups, playdate groups, things like that. Then every other month we have a BIG activity at night with a theme. So far I have done a “Getting to Know You” social, “Food Storage Night” and “Celebrating Spring” where we did classes on gardening, cooking with your summer vegetables and nutrition.

THEN every year some branches of the Church do what is called…or in my case USED to be called… LDS Super Saturday. Usually it is done right before the holidays and lots of the women use it to make gifts or decor for the upcoming holidays.  Most of the time, it is held on a Saturday and is 3-4 hours of CRAFTS!

So this is what I have been very busy working on for weeks.  Luckily I have a committee of 10 ladies which makes it nice.  AND this is the plan: to try and get good numbers to come out by appealing to everyone.

We made a trendier name that appeals to everyone in the neighborhood, those who are members of the church or not, those who like to come to church or who don’t.

Also, let’s be honest.  Not all of us are into crafts…or the same TYPES of crafts. So we are doing five free classes AND projects that I *hope* appeal to mostly everyone. Because you can’t make everyone happy…especially that ONE lady in the hallways at church 😉

I wanted to invite everyone in the neighborhood.  All the samples are on display every Sunday in the church building, but hey, some of us are allergic to church buildings.  So I helped put together this brochure that is being delivered this week to the entire neighborhood.

SO I wanted to show you all, just in case you ever are in charge of anything like this:

The cover looks the exact same as that poster image earlier in this post.  It also has these three pages along with it:

Also all these graphics were made by my lovely 9 month pregnant friend Quinn Curtis of Lime Light Food Photography.  Of course, I used white out on some things since I’m posting this online.

AND a lot of the projects are done by my neighbor, the owner of Poppy Seed Projects.

Have you ever done anything like this? Any tips for me?


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